Sony X900E Review,Real 4K Ultra HD TV

The introduction of 4K TVs onto the market marked a turning point in the world of digital media consumption, and it couldn’t have happened a ta better time. There is more content out there than ever, and the technology to produce High-Definition, processor-demanding video is more and more accessible across all industries – from gaming to music, to movies, everything is calling for more processor power to deliver properly.

Well, Sony has never been a company to fall behind of the times, and their 4K TV efforts are no exception. Their 2017/18 line of products has a special treat for all the 4K fans out there – the Sony XBR-49X900E 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. Let’s take a look at what exactly they ‘ve prepared for us in terms of its design, features, specifications, and overall pros and cons to help you figure out if it would make a worthy addition to your media consumption setup.

Let’s get right into it.

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Full Specifications

– 4K Ultra HD capable of four times the quality of 1080p Full HD

– HDR and Non-HDR content optimized by X-Tended Dynamic Range

– Precision Grid Array Backlighting for its Full Array Backlight Drive

– Upconversion supported by 4K X-Reality PRO algorithm

– 4K Processor X1 for 4K image conversions

– TRILUMINOUS Display for optimal clarity, detail, and color display

– Undermounted speakers

– S-Force Front Surround Sound with Clear Audio and DSP ( Digital Sound Processing)

– HEVC and HDMI 2.0 playback at 60p

– Wi-Fi readiness

– Android TV with Google Play

– Google Assistant


The Design

First impressions are important, and the XBR-49X900E stands up well to a first inspection. Sony made the decision not to jump aboard the curved-screen bandwagon that’s come to be popular with many recent TV releases, and we think they were right to stick to what has worked for them in the past.

They have included some thoughtful design touches to the basic rectangular-box design we’ve become used to. The display chassis is a sleek looking affair that’s tapered on the back and mounts on a tasteful metal stand to give it a touch of high-end elegance. Running along the outer edges of the screen you’ll find a thin bezel strip that’s nicely accentuated with a band of bare metal highlight.

The stand itself is just as sturdy as it is tastefully designed. It has a relatively wide front base, with two detachable legs that fit into the back. Cleverly fitted into the legs is an effective cable management system that goes a long way in taking care of the frustrating cable snarl-ups we’ve all grown to fear when dealing with home entertainment setups.

The Sony XBR49X900E 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV_1


Performance Features

The Sony XBR49X900E measures up well within its particular class of LCD displays, making good use of its 3840 x 2160 screen resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and full-panel backlighting.

Even though the Sony XBR49X900E might not manage to render the deeper blacks that some higher-end OLED displays can achieve, it does deliver first-rate contrast and details. In fact, when displaying scenes in deep shadow, it actually delivers greater visibility than some OLED displays.

The 120Hz refresh rate of the Sony X900E series is a major plus in its favor. The effect of it has on your viewing experience is to make the panel an incredibly good-looking one, delivering motions that are a great deal smoother and fluid than what you would get on the average 60Hz refresh rate screen.

Fully 4K content is still not as common as many of us would like it to be, but TV manufacturers have had this in mind when designing 4K UHD TVs for the past couple of years. What they have been doing is ensuring that their conversion and up-scaling capabilities are the best they can be so that our HD video signals can be just as awesome as we’d like them to be. Most industry experts will tell you that the algorithms they use here are currently the best to be found on the retail market, which isn’t a surprise as Sony has been a pioneer in the field from the early days of 4K technology.

An area Sony seems to struggle with just like every other LED backlight TV manufacturer is the side angle viewing capabilities of their products. You can’t really do much about it even though you make the outer panel as absorbent as possible. Even though you won’t experience too much quality degradation when you’re not directly in front of the screen, you can expect to experience some noticeable decrease in contrast and color saturation once you move more than 15 degrees off-center. Aside from a full complement of HDMI ports (3+1), composite and component video ports, coaxial antenna connection, and 3 USB ports, the Sony XBRX900E is fully Wi-Fi and Ethernet ready to take full advantage of its smart functionality.

Now, when it comes to performance, what really sets the Sony X900E series apart from the rest is their processing power. They made use of an updated version of their 4K HDR X1 engine to maximize the quality of their signal processing capabilities. Sony has always been great when it came to signal processing technology, and they haven’t dropped the ball here.

What you get first of all when you have a great processor onboard is an increased High Dynamic Range (HDR), which basically stretches the limits of what each particular pixel in your LCD TV can do. This is measured in terms of luminosity and brightness of the images being displayed. Brighter colors will be purer, shadows will be more detailed, and an overall increase in the depth of images will be readily noticed. There isn’t a lot of content out there right now specifically designed for HDR-ready TVs, but the processor is actually powerful enough to imitate the image quality you will get when you actually DO get to experience true HDR content. It’s just a taste of things to come, but it’s an exciting glimpse into what we can look forward to.


The Pros

– Exceptional contrast and black levels

– Superb processing for standard content definitions

– The 120Hz panel is great for fast motion display

– Realistic rendering and color accuracy

– High Dynamic Range capabilities

– Elegant, classic design

– Android Smart TV helper works well with voice functionalities


The Cons

– Side angle viewers will experience quality deterioration

– Sound quality without amplifiers might be below par


The Verdict

If you’re on the lookout for a mid-range purchase that will fulfill all your viewing needs for years to come, then the Sony XBR49X900E is for you. It can handle all the content formats out there today and is as future-proof as you could hope to find anywhere today. The 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and HDR support alone would make it worth the purchase, but it brings a lot more to the table.

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