Microsoft Surface Pro Newest Version Review

When finally Microsoft released its much awaited version of Surface Pro, it really hit the market with new features and specifications that makes using it so much fun. Even though it does not have many improves from the previous Surface Pro 4, it does not disappoint either when it comes to performance, design and other desirable characteristics. The new addition to the 2 in 1 detachable tablet is obviously a good device and everybody would like to use it.

Microsoft Surface Pro Newest Version Review



The new version of Surface Pro which is powered by Intel Core i5 7th Gen processor measures 12.3-inch with 2736 x 1824 pixels resolution. It has 8GB RAM. It also has up to 256GB which is a very good storage space. The Intel HD Graphics 620 Graphics Co-processor is a very good deal for most people and if combined with its 802.11bgn wireless and USB connectivity, it is more than one can ever ask for. Not forgetting to mention that this beautiful version of Surface Pro comes with Windows 10 Pro OS.

Microsoft Surface Pro Newest Version Review



Good audio quality

The speakers may not be super powerful but they still deliver good quality video and volume quality. The stereo speaker face the front hence directs the sound to your direction.

Type cover

Microsoft has fitted the type cover at the top of the keyboard with stronger magnet which makes it stable and easier to use on your laps. It is the best detachable keyboard in the market which makes typing so much fun. Its 1.3mm key travel is very stable and consistence. The smooth touchpad makes typing much faster and fun. It uses the same Alcantara fabric which perfectly matches it with the surface laptop keypad tray.

Good batteries

There is nothing as annoying as having to charge your devices every now and then. The new Surface Pro version makes your trip to the charger less as the battery can last up to 13 hours on a single charge according to how you use it. These means one can use it longer when it is away from a power source. The company has fully leveraged the power leverage on Intel’s Core Processors together with Windows 10 upgrade optimization to increase the power duration.

Wireless connectivity

The wireless connectivity is what everyone looks for in the latest devices. It is very important addition in this ever growing world of technology. Surface Pro ensures you are able to connect perfectly. It still maintains its anti USB Type C just like the older version. However, this should not be a turnoff since it still has its single USB Type-A port, a micro SDXC card reader, 3.5mm headphone jack and a mini-Display. All this works very perfectly to give you the best user experience.

Sharp cameras

The 8 megapixels and 8 PM camera is what everybody looks out for thanks to its sharpness. The 5MP front camera is the best of it all.So if you love taking selfies, you will get more than enough with this new version of Surface Pro.


The new version of Surface Pro is more portable compared to the previous version which is the Surface Pro 4. It is 8.5mm thinner and weighs about 1.69 to 1.73 pounds. These make it ideal for those who don’t work at one station and would want to carry it around while moving from one point to another.


This new version of surface pro is very eye catching with its grey metal finish and a measurement of 292 x 201 x 8.4mm. The keyboard has very great display with high resolution with very beautiful color temperatures which are everyone’s dreams. The 267ppi ensures a uniform sharpness of texts and icons. The color temperature is about 6753K ensures colors are not too warm or too cool. The keypad has light keys which make it ideal for typing in the dark. They are very well spaced to ensure typing accuracy and fun. Very large touchpad with multi-touch gestures makes it comfortable for someone to use it for longer hours. The thin and lightweight nature makes it many people’s choice.

Microsoft Surface Pro Newest Version Review


Microsoft Surface Pro Newest Version Review



This new version of Surface pro surprises many with its impressive performance. Its Intel Core i7-7660U power gives very good image score. It has very high performance in terms of video encoding text and high capability in the multitasking standard. For game lovers, this machine is very ideal for gaming with its Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640. The Windows 10 operating system makes it very good choice fro a 2 in 1 device. Its performance makes it a really pleasurable device to use whether for your typing needs or just surfing the internet. It has very good viewing angles and very vibrant colors.


Even though the new version of Surface Pro may look like the old version of the Surface Pro 4. It is the one of the best additions to the Surface Pro series and has a great potential of making great sales despite the high prices. the lightweight nature is what every body wants to see in every new improved version. typing is really made so much fun with the wide spaces and a well light keypad to make it easier for typing in a dimly lite environment. The videos look pretty good expect for the fact that you will have to deal with a small viewing screen. At its price, buyers expect more than just top performance but really incredible performance. With all the specs, high performance is really guaranteed.



  • Long battery life
  • Good performance
  • Very sensitive surface pen
  • Impressive touchscreen display



  • Not much upgrade from surface Pro 4
  • Keyboard is not included
  • Not very pocket friendly


Final thoughts Even though the new version is not really different from the old one, buyers are really excited with the fact that it is much light and hence more portable and also very convenience. It is also safe to use on the laps without it sliding away which a very big plus as compared to Surface Pro 4. Apart from the price which is a little bit higher, the new version of Surface Pro is a very good bargain for most buyers who want high quality products that will serve them better and longer.



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