GoPro Hero 6 Black Review, GoPro Hero 6 VS Hero 5

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Looking at the GoPro HERO 6 Black, you will realize that it seems to be similar in a great way to the earlier model released, the GoPro Hero 5 Black. While the outward appearance may deceive you that these two products are just the same, that is really not the case. On the inside, there are numerous differences worth mentioning through this subsequent review.


Main Specifications

  • Weight- 4.16 ounces
  • Dimension- 2.6 x 1.8 x 1.4″
  • Camera- 1-Chip CMOS sensor and 12 MP sensor resolution
  • Recording- microSD/HC/XC recording media
  • Display- LCD display type and a 2-inch screen size
  • Input/output connectors- 1 x Micro-HDMI (Type D) output and a microphone input
  • Battery- Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack (1220 mAh)



The physical design of both the GoPro HERO6 Black and theHERO5 Black are very much the same. They are very familiar to a level that if you have both of them you may be required to make a mark on the new camera to distinguish it from the HERO5 Black.

Of course, one of the benefits that you are able to realize from this consistency in the design of the cameras is that all of the specific mounts and accessories of HERO5 Black can be used with the HERO 6 Black. These include the Karma Grip and the Karma drone.

The two cameras have the same camera size of 2-inch and because of that, you may be tempted to think that they are of the same quality too. That is not really the case. Just by putting the camera models next to each other, you are able to realize that the latest model has a display quality that is enhanced or improved. The display of the older camera model had a washed-out look while the latest model has a display that is far punchier.

Furthermore, the touch-responsiveness of the GoPro HERO 6 Black has also been improved. The camera swiftly responds to swipe gestures for the purpose of accessing menus.In addition, the voice controls feature has also been incorporated into the design of this camera. With a voice command, you are able to turn on the camera and of course, begin recording.


How to use the GoPro HERO 6

  1. If you want to capture videos and photos, you are supposed to first leave the device powered on and as needed, capture your videos and photos. Using the touch display, it is possible to preview camera shots and of course, make changes in regard to the modes and settings before you can capture video/photos.
  2. If you want to choose a different mode, simply tap the icon positioned on the touch display in the corner, at the lower left. Tap any of the mode icons at the display or screen top. In the list displayed below it, tap or select a capture mode.
  3. If you need to select different settings, that too can be done and the user manual comes in handy.
  4. Press the button for Shutter. The device beeps and its status light flash whereas the camera is capturing.To stop video capture, you are supposed to press the button for the shutter. The device beeps and its status lights quickly flash.


It is important to note that it is possible for you to capture videos and photos by using voice commands.


Battery life of the GoPro HERO 6 Black

Since GoPro HERO 6 Black uses batteries that are the same as its earlier model that means that any spare cells that you may have lying around will be beneficial. That is because they are compatible.

Compared with the older model of the camera, the battery life is also fairly comparable. That is when comparing the two models in regard to the same modes. If you are using the camera to capture a 1080p/30fps video then the battery will last about 1hr 45 mins.

Your battery will be drained faster if you are shooting at 4K/60fps. The battery is able to last around 50 minutes from a shot that is continuous. It means that when you are shooting several clips then the battery may not last that much. Moreover, using extras including GPS, Wi-Fi and voice commands will drain the battery even quicker. Have a charge on hand and a backup battery.



  • The camera design guarantees that it is durable and waterproof. Without a casing or housing, the camera is waterproof up to 10 meters or 33ft.
  • Touchscreen zoom- Just by simply touching the screen, you are able to get nearer to the action.
  • Improved low-light performance
  • Delivers 2-times overall performance because of its GP1 chip that is all-new.
  • Hands-free operation possible with voice commands. The voice commands will not function under water.
  • You can mount the camera on your gear or use other mounting accessories.
  • Advanced reduction of wind-noise using dual microphones.

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  • Impressive image stabilization
  • Touch zoom feature that is new
  • High-resolution images and video
  • Enhanced images in a setting having low light
  • Super slick slow motion
  • Durable and waterproof body



  • Battery life not improved
  • May experience occasional charging issues ·Cumbersome controls
  • The gadget is relatively expensive


Memory Card

Because of the camera model’s 4K60 and 1080p240 top-end video modes, it means that an SD card that is fast is required. Put simply, more data and more quickly has to be written to the particular memory cards that you are using. If you do not employ the use of fast and reliable memory cards, it means you will be getting memory card errors or your recordings may unexpectedly stop.


Image Quality

With this camera, you are able to capture stunning videos. With its processor andwider dynamic range (WDR) mode, it means you are able to get images that are more impactful and straight from the camera. As the Hero5, video capturing resolution was limited at 4K/30fps while with this model; video capturing resolution is at 4K/60fps. You do not have to simply rely on color correcting or processing.

In addition, the electronic image stabilization of the device is one of the best around. The camera is able to adjust accordingly in regard to quickly changing light conditions whether while walking or riding.

The improvement incorporated into this device is not only limited to video. The quality of the image captured has also significantly improved. With the full HDR of the camera, it means still images look much better, exposure looks great and the images are sharp.

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In conclusion, based on the specifications and features of this camera, it is definitely one of the best around. That is enough reason to choose GoPro HERO 6 Black which is more expensive compared to its predecessor. The advantage of low-light performance that is better, wider dynamic range, improved image stabilization and faster transfer speeds are worth the extra cash that you will have to pay.

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