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When the inaugural PH-1 handset was launched by the Essential, the hype level was palpable and through the roof. That is because the Essential Phone was advertised as having modular magnetic accessories, and an edge-to-edge display or design (non-existent bezels). Disappointingly though, when the Essential Phone was made available for sale, it never managed to live up to that hype leading to its launch. Moreover, the Essential Phone was released more than a month behind schedule. So, it is understandable if this phone model has not managed to sell tons of units and the fact is that it is still relatively less-known startup Smartphone Company in the market.

The Essential Phone is available in 6 different color variants with the latest variant called Halo Gray. Like the other trio of the phone’s models released, the Halo gray variant is available exclusively and on Amazon. The purpose ofthe release of the different color variants of the phone seemed was to entice buyers to buy a limited edition color that attracts them.

The Halo Gray phone variant is different from other variants including Copper Black, Ocean Depths, and Stellar Gray because it has a matte finish on the titanium frame and the ceramic back. This matte finish gives the Essential Phone a look that is more industrial and of course, it makes the phone to be less slippery. Another important addition worth mentioning incorporated on the Halo Gray handset is the Alexa software. Alexa provides you with smart home AI assistance. The assistance can involve answering questions, shopping on the online store of Amazon and controlling your smart home. Other specifications and features incorporated in the Essential Phone in Halo Gray are basically the same as other color variants.

Essential Phone Halo Gray specifications

  • Operating system- Android 7.1.1
  • Display-5.7-inch LCD, a 2560×1312 (505 ppi) resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • Weight- 185g
  • Dimensions-5.57 x 2.80 x 0.31 in (141.5 x 71.1 x 7.8 mm)
  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 835,2.45GHz Quad + 1.9GHz Quad processor
  • RAM- 4GB
  • Internal storage- 128GB non-expandable
  • Cameras- Dual 13MP Rear camera and 8MP front camera
  • Battery- 3040mAh non-removable and supports fast charging
  • Connectivity- Nano-SIM support,GLONASS, 4G LTE,Bluetooth 5.0 LE, NFC, GPS and USB Type-C port.


Essential Phone in Halo Gray Features

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Aesthetically appealing and durable design

The Halo Gray phone variant has a matte finish to the ceramic and the titanium. Because of the matte finish, this exclusive Essential handset has a look that is more industrial while still being able to maintain its elegant design.

The ultra-glossy ceramic does not only look fantastic but also feels cool to touch. Additionally, with the use of a titanium frame, the company claims that the material compared to aluminum is more durable. Aluminum material is used mostly by other smartphones.Because the phone uses a titanium frame, it means that ideally the phone should not bend or break under circumstances that most other smartphones would.

Moreover, the phone’s backside has no any markings or even the Essential log anywhere on the handset. The phone truly feels like it belongs to you.


Huge display size

The display size of this exclusive phone is 5.71-inch with a Quad HD Display. The display size is definitely an engineering achievement because it is on a chassis that is not much larger. If you compare the Google Pixel XL and the Essential Phone, you are able to realize that basically, they are of the same size in your hand. But with the Essential Phone, the display size that is offered is slightly more.

Even though this handset has a huge display size, it is still able to fit at ease in your hand. Because of the huge display size, you are able to enjoy more gaming, internet browsing, and other things on your screen without the intrusive bezels.


Enough storage capacity

The smartphone has a storage capacity of a whopping 128GB. With this huge storage capacity, you are able to download and store a huge number of games, movies, photos, and videos (4K and 360). You do not have to worry about your storage space running out or having to spend money on purchasing an external storage option. Even with a microSD support missing, its absence is not felt.


Battery life

The 3,040mAh battery capacity is considered respectable. With this battery capacity, you are able to use it for longer and it is able to meet your daily needs. The capacity is able to last you about a day if you are using multimedia.

It is important to note that the 360-degree camera addition really tends to drain or use a lot of power. Other frequent and heavy uses too may also lead to the battery not lasting longer.If you happen to be not using many gaming apps or social media, expect your battery to last around 2 days or even more.

As well, a quick charging technology is incorporated. That means it takes lesser time to be able to charge your battery.



The 13MP Dual-Camera plus the Portrait Mode enables your pictures to look great. The modular 360-degree camera feature is big enough and for that reason, you are able to capture everything easily in 4K.

The disadvantage of the camera is that tin low-light though the main lens is able to do a respectable job, it is not perfect. Besides, capturing a photo may be too slow and also the camera app boot may take too long. All in all, the cameras enable you to take a good photo.



With the phone’s Snapdragon 835 processor plus the 4GB RAM, the performance is fairly swift. The phone is able to withstand the usual mixed and heavy workload including email checking, music listening and gaming.

It is not a common occurrence for you to see a lag when you are streaming on YouTube or even playing a video game.



  • The titanium and ceramic design is exquisite
  • Edge to edge screen
  • 128 GB standard storage
  • Modular add-on system that is innovative
  • Relatively cheaper



  • A slow camera that may struggle in a setting with low light
  • Battery life is below average
  • No headphone jack or wireless charging


In conclusion, if you factor in the price, features, and specifications of this phone, then there is no doubt that it is a relatively modest phone. That is even if it may not be that popular at this time. You are guaranteed to get good value for your money.

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