Echo Dot 2nd Generation Smart speaker Review

The Echo dot 2nd generation has incorporated almost the same features that both the Echo and Echo Plus have in their designs. These features incorporated into the Amazon echo dot 2nd generation include volume buttons, voice capabilities, and an action button for Wi-Fi set up, off microphonebutton and Alexa. Even with these similarities, there are still differences between the Amazon echo dot 2nd generation and the first-gen version.

Echo dot 2nd generation, unlike the earlier version, is a bit shorter. That is because it does not have a ring at the top for the purpose of controlling the volume. As an alternative, two volume buttons are located at the top of the Echo dot 2nd generation are used for the purpose of turning things down or up. Additionally, Echo dot 2nd generation is slightly lighter and has a casing that is lustrous and plastic unlike the matte black casing of the generation one. Consequently, here is the echo dot review.

Echo Dot 2nd Generation Smart speaker

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  • Dimension- 1.5 inches x 3.3 inches x 3.3 inches
  • Weight- 0.36 pounds
  • Built-in speakers- Yes
  • The search engine used- Bling
  • Works with- Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, Hue, Nest, Wink
  • Number of microphones- 7
  • Connectivity- Wi-Fi, Headphone Jack
  • Power source-plugin



Echo dot 2nd generation is a voice-controlled and hands-free device that is used with Alexa for the purpose of controlling smart home devices, playing music, send/receive messages, make calls, read the news, read Audible audiobooks, set music alarms, and control Fire TV Amazon video.

Using simply your voice, you are able to connect instantaneously to other home Echo devices. With the Echo device, you are able to message or call anyone.

The Amazon echo dot 2nd generation is able to be connected to headphones or speakers through Bluetooth or the use of 3.5 mm input jack. You are able to play music from Spotify, Amazon music, Pandora, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. The low audio quality of the Amazon echo dot 2nd generation is therefore boosted by the feature allowing connection to other speakers. Of course, you have to purchase the 3.5 mm input jack separately.

Controlswitches,lights, fans,garage doors, sprinklers,thermostats, and locks apart from others with compatible connected gadgets fromSamsung SmartThings,Philips Hue,WeMo, Sony, and Nest apart from others.

Built-in speaker. This means that Amazon Echo dot 2nd generation is able to work its own as a kitchen assistant, as a bedroom’s smart alarm clock or in any other place where a voice-controlled computer may be required.

Highly portable because of its small size. Since this is the smallest Alexa controlled device, it means that adding it to any room is easier. Just remember that a battery pack accessory is needed to enhance its portability.

Echo Dot 2nd Generation Smart speaker



In terms of the appearance of the Echo Dot, it is great-looking and its size is relatively smaller. As I had pointed out initially, the Echo Dot does not have a volume ring and instead, it has 2 buttons for controlling up or down the volume. There are also the listens and mute buttons.

The echo light ring is also incorporated into the Dot and it indicates whether the speaker has been muted and when Alexa is listening to you using the seven-microphone varieties.

Amazon echo dot 2nd generation is also shorter than the earlier version. With this small size, it means that it becomes easier to tuck it away in a corner. Just ensure that the device is still able to listen and hear you while you speak.

Additionally, even with the fact that the Dot has incorporated the 3.5mm port and micro USB port, it does not have a digital output option. Chromecast Audio, for example, supports a hybrid 3.5mmanalog and digital port.



Echo dot 2nd generation maintains the remarkable ability of the Echo to not only recognize your voice but also has an improved sound quality. The additional external speakerof the Echo Dot helps in achieving the improved quality of sound.

Since the use of the external speaker is a great option, you may end up regularly using the device as Chromecast for listening to songs off Spotify. Surprisingly, getting songs and of course, artists playing is spontaneous. In order for you to use the Echo Dot this way, you are required to provide Spotify login details and set Spotify as the default music service instead of the usual Amazon Prime Music. Once you have accomplished that, you simply say the name of the song that you require to be played and you will be immediately serenaded by the music.



  • Great and small design
  • Stellar voice recognition
  • Works with/without an additional speaker
  • Helpful Alexa assistant



  • Sound quality can be better improved
  • Needs more skills
  • No digital audio output


How to use and setup

(1) Download the Alexa app from the app store on your phone or tablet and then sign in. Using Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer, you also visit

(2) Turn on Echo Dot 2nd Generation. Plug-in the power adapteror charger into the Amazon echo dot 2nd generation and then plug the chargerintothe electrical wall outlet. The Amazon echo dot 2nd generation light ring changes into blue and then into orange. With the orange light, Alexa greets you.

(3) Connect Amazon echo dot 2nd generation to a Wi-Fi network. Use the guidelines provided in the app to do this. If you are encountering connection problems, simply restart the device through unplugging and again plugging Echo Dot into the power outlet. You can even reset the Echo Dot to its factory setting if you are still having problems and then set the device up again.

(4) Talk to Alexa. You are now able to use the Echo device. To get started, simply say the “wake word” and naturally speak to Alexa. By default, the device is able to answer back to the wake word “Alexa”. Using the Alexa app, you can change the wake word anytime you like. Simply go to settings, select the Echo device and at that point select your wake word.

(5) Select how to hear your Echo. Three options are provided which are Bluetooth, Audio Cable, and No speakers.

(6) To now use the device, simply say the wake word Alexa, followed by a particular command and you will receive a reply. One built-in Alexa command is “What’s the date”?


In conclusion, being able to use an external speaker with the Amazon echo dot 2nd generation means one is able to get a pretty solid sound. Moreover, it is even quicker to have the radio or songs playing using this device. In general, the echo dot 2nd generation maintains the same features that made most people like the original Echo while being still relatively affordable. This is, therefore, a solid product.

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